Hello world! We have started running on February 17, 2021.

First block minted on March 13, 2021.

Upgrades and Updates

Relay and BP nodes were upgraded to meet every technical requirements and updated to the latest 1.26.2 release before the end of the epoch 260!


ERNST Pool is actively taking part in the development of an NFT scene on Cardano!


Since the last restart of the block producer node it has been up for more than 2 weeks, has processed 400K+ transactions and has minted 1 block! Those are impressive results! By supporting Earnest [ERNST] Pool and other small ambitious pools you are supporting the true notion of decentralization!


We were so excited about our first produced block so that the videos might be coming with a slight delay! Stay tuned!

Minted Block

We are incredibly stoked to announced that Earnest [ERNST] Stake Pool has minted its first block!!! Congratulations to our delegators without you it would not have been possible! We are thankful to you! Enjoy your rewards 100% of which will be distributed to you! Have a great day!


YouTube videos are coming along nicely! The first one will be uploaded either today or tomorrow at the latest!

Relay Restarted

The relay node has been successfully restarted! The block producing node is running nonstop and has already processed 333K+ transactions on the network!

Netflix and Spotify

Netflix and Spotify digital coupons will be our first rewards redeemable with EarnestCoins. The mechanics of redeeming and the potential price of those coupons in EarnestCoins are being figured out. This is mainly the experiment and a cool thing to do! We are thinking of more prominent ways to reward our loyal delegators but first … Continue reading Netflix and Spotify


How about a Spotify digital gift card as a reward redeemable with EarnestCoins? Will we be the first pool to suggest and implement that?

Loyalty Rewards

Hold on to your EarnestCoins as they will act as loyalty rewards! Questions as to what they can get you and how to use them will be answered soon! In the meantime you are free to use them as you please! Anyone can send and receive EarnestCoins! Send some to your friends if you want! … Continue reading Loyalty Rewards

8+ Days

Our block producing node is running nonstop for more than 8 days after last time we restarted it and has helped in processing of around 250K transactions. Our pool earnestly takes its part in decentralizing ADA.


With all the excitement that comes with it we are eager to announce that 10 million of EarnestCoins have just been minted! EarnestCoin is a native token of Earnest Stake Pool. We have big plans on how to use those assets and can’t wait to start sending them to you, our lovely delegators! Cheers!


Currently in the process of making youtube videos as a way to contribute to the community! Stay tuned!

Volatility and Rewards

Since we are always on your side and here to have your back we will send our “thank you” rawards today so that even increased volatility won’t spoil your day! The rewards will be sent within an hour of this ammouncement!

Epoch 251

What will it bring? We expect to increase our pool size and attract more awesome people like you! We are going to post more updates next five days and expect to be with you 24/7!

Thank you rewards

Reminder that we will send you our “thank you” rewards on March 8, 2021. Those will be directly from us and will that will be our way to show appreciation for you! Rewards will range from 1-100 ADA depending on how much ADA you have delegated. We are also thinking of introducing loyalty perks to … Continue reading Thank you rewards


We have added a gallery! It is still under development but we are looking forward for it to find its prominent place on our website as it showcases the artistic side of our stake pool operators! Hope you will enjoy having it here as well!

Bringing Value

We are thinking of ways to add more value to the community and most importantly to you, our delegators. We want you to get the most out of your experience with staking your ADA at [ERNST] pool. We are planning to introduce loyalty rewards and other incentives to make it worth your while. We are … Continue reading Bringing Value


We have successfully hit a milestone of 10K+ of ADA delegated and we are just warming up. We would like to thank each one of you who delegated to our stake pool and would like to remind you that we will send you some loyalty rewards for your support. Those rewards will come from our … Continue reading Milestone


We are incredibly happy to see you with us! We would like to thank each of you for joining and showing interest in our pool! Remember that we will always be grateful to you and will keep our fees low! Let’s grow together!


To show our gratitude to you we will reward our first 15 delegators to join us this February through the first week of March! Each reward will be 5% of ADA you delegated to us but will be limited to ₳100 per reward. All you have to do is stake with us! You will get … Continue reading REWARDS!

new configuration

For sustainability reasons we will be running one relay and one block producing node. We will add a second relay immediately when it is needed!

100K+ Transactions

Since launch our pool has processed more than 100K transactions. We are restarting the nodes to make some updates! If you haven’t already joined us, we are waiting for you, hop on!


Our nodes are running nonstop for more than 2 days now showing how reliable our technology and maintenance have been since our pool was launched 2 days ago! We have processed thousands of transactions and are stoked to look forward to mint our first block in the future!


Our pool margin of 0% will remain in place till the end of Summer 2021! We might only increase it in September 2021 to 1% maximum and only in case it is necessary. We are determined to show our gratitude for your support! Stake with us to get everything you were meant to get!

Smooth ride!

We are pleased to tell you that both of our relay nodes and the producer node run smoothly with no interruptions since their launch yesterday almost 24 hours ago!

Pool Margin 0%

We will keep the pool margin at 0% for as long as possible. All we care about is making sure you are with us! Join us today and enjoy 100% rewards once we get them for as long as possible! Stake with us today, let’s make us all victorious!

Thank you!

Thank you for showing interest in us! Hugs and kisses to all who have delegated with us! We welcome you with open arms and hope you feel at home with us!


Take your part in making ADA fully decentralized! Support new stake pools, invest in ADA, stake your ADA, be the awesome you! Introduce new people to crypto and help them grow! We are on the right track!

0% Margin

0% Pool Margin for the first 2 month of operation and that’s a promise! Stake with us, lets reach the stars together!


Everything runs smoothly and we have our first stakes coming in! Don’t let them stop coming! Thank you for joining us!

Synching Complete

On February 15, 2021 the synching of a producer node and a relay node has been successfully completed. An additional relay node will be added shortly. Thank you for tuning in! We are almost ready to go!