Netflix and Spotify

Netflix and Spotify digital coupons will be our first rewards redeemable with EarnestCoins. The mechanics of redeeming and the potential price of those coupons in EarnestCoins are being figured out. This is mainly the experiment and a cool thing to do! We are thinking of more prominent ways to reward our loyal delegators but first we want to test it on something simple as digital gift cards! At first everything will be funded by the Earnest Pool operators but over time it is expected to grow into a more sustainable model.

Loyalty Rewards

Hold on to your EarnestCoins as they will act as loyalty rewards! Questions as to what they can get you and how to use them will be answered soon!

In the meantime you are free to use them as you please! Anyone can send and receive EarnestCoins! Send some to your friends if you want!

Stay tuned!


With all the excitement that comes with it we are eager to announce that 10 million of EarnestCoins have just been minted! EarnestCoin is a native token of Earnest Stake Pool. We have big plans on how to use those assets and can’t wait to start sending them to you, our lovely delegators! Cheers!